Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Mall. A Place Where Dreams Come True.

Florida summer is like winter to the rest of the world because its the time when you really need to start doing things indoors.

When I first moved to Florida it was June and I got so frustrated because no one was ever outside. There were no fairs or festivals, no events outdoors EVER and I really thought people in this state were anti-social.

Now I understand.

People start doing outdoor things in the fall and is JUST TOO HOT in the summer to do ANYTHING but swim.....

So we hit the library about once a week to play. I can't say the kids do any reading because our library is fun and there is just too much other stuff to do!!!!

Son loves the puzzles and I swear he wants to do every one EVERY time, but this dinosaur puzzle is his favorite.

Princess always finds a friend. ALWAYS. She is a social butterfly:

Princess had this idea that she HAD to take the whole family to the mall. We were going to eat at the food court, play in the play area and then ride the train. Well, let me tell you.... I am a mama who makes dreams come true. Well, at least the kind of dreams that cost me less than $40 bucks and happen to be right up the road.

This was a treat for her because I CAN NOT. I just CAN NOT take all the kids to the mall by myself. My stress level would be off the charts.... Too many kids running in too many directions and for those who suggest a stroller..... Hahahahahaha, Um. Yeah. I see other people use them, but my kids are just not the sitting kind.

I can't remember if I posted this already, but this kid is ADORABLE. The Wiz loves his new big kid car seat and loves the fact that we get to watch movies in the car now.

And here the poor kid was painted by a disgruntled sibling:

Son is a guy who is into construction. Loves diggers and bulldozer and anything that can cause dirt to come into my house:

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