Sunday, May 8, 2016

Nature Pal Exchange

This year we participated in nature pal exchange. Basically you pay $5 and they match you up with another family. You send that family a box of items that are native to your area and they send you a box native to their area. It was so much fun collecting the items. Here's what we came up with to send:

And here's what we received:

We loved the sand dollars:

Some seaweed. Princess has a yogurt face:

Son loved the feathers:

I put everything in a basket for The a Wiz to look through. All in all this was an awesome experience:

In other news... We were raising a butterfly and it came out of the chrysalis yesterday so we released her today. Her name is Rainbow Sparkle:

One released her and one tried to catch her again:

Bye bye Rainbow Sparkle. We love you and hope you have a good life:

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