Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bunnies, Spiders, and Lady Bugs

We went to the park yesterday for a quick stop just to get some energy out. It didn't work because apparently they have an endless supply, but we still had fun:

Making a playdoh spider with a million legs:

Picked up this game on clearance for $10 at Toys R Us. I was about to buy it on Amazon a day earlier for $30. It looks like a baby toy but it's not. It has photos with puzzles and you have to arrange the bunny accordingly. It actually gets quite difficult:

Solving one of the easiest first levels. I think this puzzle is like level 8 or something.

He is currently on level 23:

Picked these up at the Target dollar spot to paint for my mom. She's coming today and the kids wanted to give her a gift:

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