Saturday, March 19, 2016

Massive Overhaul

Our classroom activities have been crazy lately because I'm reorganizing other parts of the house and I haven't been planning any specific work. I mean a massive overhaul of EVERYTHING!!!!!! So I'm pretty much coming up with ideas on the fly.

The kids were working on their spelling puzzles the other day. Princess can have all the letters in front of her and easily find s the letters she needs, but I give Son just a few letters at a time because he has a hard time finding the correct letters when they're in a pile:

I was going through my themed bins and they took interest in the bird stuff. A few playdoh eggs and a few plastic Easter eggs later and we were in business:

Then I was at the Dollar Tree yesterday and found this black gravel. I thought it would be fun for cars. It STUNK like some sort of paint when I took it out of the bag, so I didn't let Son play with it very long. I also picked up those Easter egg floral picks that are in the background. Son had a good time sticking those in the floral foam and then later crumbling the foam into a million pieces all over my dining room floor:

I also picked up these tweasers and foam eggs at the Dollar Tree for a quick transferring activity. Messy hair don't care....

A lot of things happening here while I was racing around reorganizing all of our school supplies in the closet:

Winn Dixie has these cool animal cards that you get when you spend $20. I've been doing all my shopping there so we can collect all the cards. I'm kind of more into it than anyone I think:

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