Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hospital Twice

Princess got a letter in the mail from VPK last week or the week before about the coxsackievirus going around her school. I thought we were in the clear, but obviously I was wrong.

It's basically hand, foot and mouth disease. She got it first with a low grade fever, but severe mouth pain. Yesterday Son had a fever of 104 so I took him to the hospital. The ER was packed and I asked the nurse to take his temperature before I decided to stay. It was 102.2 so I decided to go home and wait it out. Hours later it was over 104 again so we went back. He had not gotten off the couch all day so that's mostly why I was concerned. He didn't even want to watch TV, he just stared at the ceiling when awake.

At the hospital the Wiz was a PUSTOL. Ripping every cord out of every place and just going wild!!!! Anyway they got his temp to 101 and confirmed it was the same virus.

Then we get home and The Wiz gets a 104. Of course I'm freaking out again and between the two of them I slept about one hour.

So... Here are the boys in the hospital once the mess kicked in:

And my girls stayed home together while we went to the hospital. Don't they look sweet?

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