Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Jebbie

 Woo hoo!! On Saturday Sis tried desperately to get Shawn Mendes concert tickets only to have them sell out in three minutes. We then tried to buy them on resale sights but the prices were 5 times as much!!!! So we raced to the amphitheater and low and behold they had the best seats in the house available for the original sale price of 40 bucks. So front row center on the floor for Sis to the concert. Here is the Wiz with the ticket!!!! 

Don't worry, Sis has taken the ticket and wrapped it like a Christmas gift so she won't lose it!

Yesterday we went to the park for such a nice day:

Then came home to make a valentine project:

Son made this:

We are playing with Play Doh right now:

And this is just precious:

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