Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Letter

To my baby,

Happy first birthday, Son.

You are the smiliest and happiest baby I could ever ask for. I could not imagine a baby who is any more joyful than you. You make me smile a hundred times a day just by seeing your face. 

This is not to say you are an "easy baby".

 You climb on everything. You climb onto your kiddie chair and then onto your table. You stand on top of the table smiling like you just conquered a mountain.

 You also climb ladders and onto the shelves in the pantry and onto benches and on top of our play bus. You mess with the DVD player and Daddy's video games.

 If I fold something, you unfold it and if I clean something, you unclean it. 

Your wish come true is getting into the bathroom so you can stick your hand in the toilet and splash around and when I'm cleaning the water you unroll the toilet paper. ALL OF IT! 

You rip apart my pantry and laugh at your mess. 

 If there is a speck of a small object on the ground you find it and try to eat it. You ate half an acorn. I know this because I found it in your poop. The next day I thought I found another acorn and tried to pick it out of your diaper with a paper towel...it was Actually a blueberry and it squirted me in the eye!!!!!

You pull out every toy that I put away immediately after I put it there. 

You throw all of my plastic food containers all over the kitchen. 


You love to play with Gizmo and throw his toy.

You read books so sweetly.

You play nicely with toys by yourself.
Your instruments are your favorite.  

You walk around waving and saying "Hi Dad" all day.

You say mama and ya.

You let your brother tackle you and sometimes you tackle him.

You LOVE to be outdoors and cry if the other kids are outside without you.

When you are feeding you look at me with the most loving eyes.

You are a hilarious boy who is so smart and so cuddly and I can't wait to see what a great guy you will be.

But please stay small for a while because I love cuddling you at night and sleeping next to you and giving you kisses all day. The day you refuse a hug or a kiss will be the worst day of my life.

You will always be my little baby and I love you more than you'll ever know.


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