Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Meditation on the Trail

Yesterday we headed out to the farmers market and then had lunch at Anastasia State Park. I forgot that they charge $8.00 to get in there and it kind of ticks me off every time.... But anyway, after lunch we played at the playground.

The Wiz climbs up the ladder and slides down on his belly all by himself:

I put Sis in charge of my wild man:

Who kept heading into the woods, which gave me the idea to go hiking. (Sis was thrilled):

So we got in the car and went down the road a bit to our hiking trail:

Taking a break and meditating????

Over by the ampitheatre there are tons of turtles:

I just love these things. Not sure what they are called:

Sis and Son had a slower pace:

Princess collected some nature items, which blew apart and flew all around my car, causing me to have to clean it. Which worked out becaus Boss got in my car the next day and complimented me on the cleanliness of my car. If he only saw it the previous day...yikes!!!

After the hike we slugged this juice which is an acquired taste due to the turmeric, but to me it's goooooood:

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