Friday, January 22, 2016

100 Days

Princess had to get a cavity filled on Wednesday so the boys played with IPads while we waited. Actually one played with IPads and one ran around the place like a mad man terrorizing everything he could especially the water bottle refrigerator:

Afterwards we headed to the park to blow some time before our next appointment...only the park was locked with a code and said Residents Only!!!! So we were forced to play in the parking lot staring pathetically at the playground behind the gates!!!

But who cares, we can have fun in a parking lot:

Our next appointment was Princess's first dance class. Doesn't she look beautiful:

Today Son has been playing with droppers a lot. He's been a real pistol lately so we spent the day at home working on learning to behave!!! We'll see how well our lessons went tomorrow when we attempt to go to the store.

Princess had her 100th day of school and here she is eating a necklace she made in celebration:

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