Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just Chillin

It DOES NOT seem like Christmas!!!!! I don't know if it's the weather or what, but this is the least Christmas-y I have ever felt. Maybe I got my shopping done too soon?????

Maybe it's because things have been hectic. Really hectic lately and I'm not sure why. Okay, yes I have three kids under five but BESIDES that I just feel like I'm spinning in circles going no where. Christmas time is about peace and I think with all the craziness, moments of peace are hard to come by.

Anyway, there is a small park behind our grocery store and sometimes I take the kids there to get their crazy out before we go get the groceries.

It's a small park and there are never kids there, so they tend to find odd things to do such as dig up the sidewalk:

Or eat it:

Today we decided to lay out in the yard with blankets. It was cold in the shade and hot in the sun today so it was hard to find a comfortable outfit:

Just chillin...as much as these kids could chill:

Not my little Wiz though!!! He is a torpedo. He crawls super fast and is even pretty fast at walking now. He thinks he's so cool because he can walk in one direction, turn quick and walk the other way:

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