Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas at the Farm

We headed out to Rype and Readi today for a little farm fresh air.

I was a bit nervous because last time we were there, Princess was feeding a goat and it snatched and ate the plastic bag that the food was in. 

I wasn't sure if the goat survived the incident.

I did in fact see several goatsthere today. I'm pretty sure one of them was the plastic bag eater. Phew!!! 

In other news, they now sell their animal food in PAPER bags!!!

Is this the goat?????

The Wiz chillin with chickens:

And my other kids terrorizing them:

My farm beauty pretending not to be embarrassed by both my photo taking and her misbehaving brother:

Son found a tractor. Fell in love. Had to be peeled off of it. Went to car screaming:

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