Monday, August 10, 2015

First Day High School Preschool

I was not prepared for this day.i thought I was. I bought the clothes. I had the supplies. I had a preschool talk with Princess. I had a high school talk with Sister. But I was not ready...

I wasn't sure who to drop off first. Sis started at 9:15, Princess at 9:00 but not before 8:45. The logistics were tricky. Both schools had seriously backed up traffic. It was messy. I dropped Sis off first at 8:46. She was Terrified!!!! The school is huge and complicated looking. I had no time to worry because I had to race to Princess's school. She also seemed nervous, but I just quickly said goodbye and left. Son was beside himself. He cried and cried because he wanted to stay with his best friend, his sister. I managed to pick him off the floor and wisk both boys in my arms to the cat. 

Then I raced to our play date with boys. Son was loving it at the park because he was covered in mud. Two hours later at 11:30 it was time to go get Princess. 

She said:
 Her day was good. 
Her teacher was rude. 
She laughed at a boy. 
Her teacher was nice.
She loved her snack. Oranges and cheese.

The kids played and we went back for Sis at 3:30. Traffic jam. Took us an hour to pick her up!!!!! We have to come up with a new plan because that will burn me out. 

Overall, no tears from me or anyone actually attending school....just Son... Who really loves his sister.

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