Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Swimming Lessons

It's hard to think of things to do all day every day when it's hot outside. We braved the heat and I hooked up our parachute to trees so we could go under and over it:

We also just completed two weeks of daily swimming lessons. This is Lily and Princess has been talking about her since last year:

Son can jump in, flip on his back, and swim to the other side:

Princess can swim 25 yards:

Here she is working on floating:

We went to a park play date the other day:

This little devil is seriously driving me insane:

We also celebrated two birthdays with ice cream cake and blue gel icing:

I had raw vegan blueberry cobble that was delicious:

I've also been drinking a pitcher of dateorade every day. It's 15 to 20 medjool dates in a pitcher of water blended and it makes you awesome :

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