Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tree Hill Nature Center

How have I lived here for two years and not known about Tree Hill Nature Center? 

It is a wooded hiking area with an indoor exhibit that is well put together and interesting.

There was also a touch and feel area where you could touch fish and turtles and skulls and furs:

The Wiz was loving the shells:

Another room had a variety of stations with learning activities at each:

Son liked all the animals:

We went for a little hike and unfortunately it was my fault it was cut short. 

The day before we went hiking Son was protesting the fact that we were getting out of a swimming pool and was kicking and screaming. As I was carrying him out to the car I tripped on my dress. My dress was stretched out because it was soaking wet. It was soaking wet because after I had gotten all the kids and myself in dry clothes, Son ran into the pool, so I had to go in and drag him out. Anyway, when I tripped my toe got mangled up and it was and still is very painful to walk. So in the end, Boss and Princess ran a trail while the boys and I slowly walked a short distance.

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