Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I See the Light

I decided to get a year long membership at the Hands on Museum in Jacksonville. My plan is to take these guys here before we go to Costco each week to wear them out. Even if we don't go each week, 3 more visits this year and we will have paid the same as the membership anyway and I am certain we will go three more times.

My Princess was an absolute angel today. I have never seen her so well behaved (when Boss isn't around) and I am so incredibly greatful. She was so good that I just can't even grasp it yet. 

We had a truly wonderful day and I am looking forward to many more like this. I think she has been struggling because I have to give my attention to the baby, but today was different and I think we are moving in a better direction. 

I really love this light table and considered buying one for the house, but they are so expensive. 

Princess wanted to play dress up. She stood on the stage and announced her show. It goes like this " ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the princess show...."

Then they play in "Winn Dixie". This is my favorite part of the museum:

I laughed at the items she chose to purchase. Juice, gummies, cookies, more gummies, milk, and cereal:

Here is a selfie from Sis:

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