Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Week in Review

As I type this I have to report that all three babies are asleep.


Hold on.

Wooooooo. Hoooooooo!!!!

I love them so so much, but peace and quiet...even for 5 minutes is a precious thing and I am loving it.

So in my few moments of silence I share some pictures from the week.

Here is Princess looking like a better version of her mama at Tropical Smoothie.

And THIS is why we don't go to restaurants:

A few days ago I lovingly made a chocolate banana smoothie for Boss and we took it to him at work. I chose to take a shortcut, but there was an accident and a 20 minute trip turned into an hour long trip. 

EVERYONE in the car was screaming. 


So after we delivered the smoothie, the boys fell asleep. When we got home I didn't want to ruin the moment, so Princess and I read books and talked and she made funny faces with an ice pack. It was so fun and I completely forgot about the stressful time stuck in traffic... Well almost.

My little gamers before bed. Boss has been sleeping in Son's room because he isn't quite able to console himself back to sleep yet. So the kids watched a movie in Boss's bed while we cleaned the house.

Son playing with his new trains:

His first selfie. I need to clean my front camera:

Sis on her way to the fair with friends:

I got out some rocks before bed the other night and Son was thrilled:

Eating one more piece of his birthday cake:

Princess and I went walking yesterday and she was not pleased with my photo taking. Here she is in her 15th outfit of the day:

The Wiz. He hangs out in my moby almost always:

A little Zen garden action:

Princess at the park today. Some people wait in line to go down the slide. She makes her own line and climbs up:

Here's The Wiz in deep thought. He's a genius I tell you:

Also, we did some painting outside. It was a great time, but I'm debating if it was worth it. The mess that was made inside and outside was overwhelming. I'm one handed most of the time and...I am Tiiiiirrreeed!

The Wiz supervising:

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