Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Day in the Life

In the past 24 hours:

I have been peed on twice.

I've been vomited on three times.

I've cleaned poop from places it should have never been.

I cleaned up 4 puddles of liquid. I could only identify three of them. 

My dog ran away and I had to drag three babies to go find him. Twice.

Son was crying and I couldn't get him dressed so I gave him a chocolate covered pretzel. He chose to wipe his chocolate hands all over my outfit. Did I mention that I only have ONE outfit that is not too big or too small right now, so I had to go to the store with maternity pants on that are too big and have a hole in them.

I went to the store and two of the three kids in my car were screaming so loud that I was afraid to go in. I had to call Boss to come and help me. 

In the middle of the night Princess woke me up in a rage.

Son got up too and Boss went to take care of him. 

Woke up another three times to breastfeed.

And then this:

Yes that is dog food. Everywhere!

On the other hand:

We had a really fun dance party.

The kids played outside for hours and had a great time.

My baby peacefully slept in my baby carrier.

People complimented me on his good looks.

I lost a pound since yesterday.

I didn't have to cook dinner last night.

Sis spent the night with a friend and went to Starbucks, had ice cream and went bowling.

I got about 100 kisses.

Son cuddled me and the Boss this morning so sweetly.

It has been perfect weather.

Last night after Princess went in a rage she came back to my room to say "I love you so much mommy".

My baby barely makes a sound at night and only wakes up to eat. I know he's hungry because he snorts like a baby piggy.

We read lots of books today.

Princess can recite one of them almost perfectly and " read " a story to her brother after the grocery store mishap.

I felt the joy a God the whole day.

And now this:

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