Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Newest Love

He was born on January 26th at 5:25 pm. I went in for a regular appointment and my midwife decided to induce me due to decreased movement. 

 It was a very quick and extremely easy delivery. I felt like I could have run a 10k afterward!!!!

Meet my 9.2 pounder:

Princess could not wait to hold the baby:

I'm not sure what his name on this blog will be, but I'm working on it: (actually I got it...listed at end of this post)

Those lips:

Here he is at home with his pilot hat:

Two nights ago I noticed he had a wet cough and rapid breathing. We went to the doctor to find out he has RSV. Later that day we went to the ER because his breathing was just not right. Here is my little guy being transferred to another hospital. 


We are still in the hospital and he is receiving oxygen. He is being monitored to see if his breathing and oxygen levels improve:

I've gotten to know him so well being here in the hospital together...just us. He is a feisty guy with a gentle spirit. He has joy in his heart and the eyes of a person with a lifetime of wisdom. This is a special young man I have here and I am crazy about him. 

Prayers for "the wiz". 

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