Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Children's Museum

I've kind of figured out that my baby is in no hurry to be born. I now have 5 days until my due date and I'm becoming nervous. I don't know why, but I am really anxious these days. 

Today we headed to the Jacksonville Childrens Museum to play. They loved it and it was so inexpensive. It was nice that I could sit down and rest at times there too because when we go to the park I am chasing at least one of them the entire time.

Of course Son was crazy for the train depot area:

He also enjoyed the fire truck:

Princess had fun with the doll house:

And the basketball area:

They had wheelchairs to play wheelchair basketball:

First dunk:

Princess had fun in the post office:

Son did some cooking:

They spent most of their time in the grocery store area and the ball pit, but I didn't take photos. We stayed about 3 hours and they could have kept on playing if it wasn't lunch time. 

I've been trying to keep these kids out of the house, so we went to Barnes n Noble a few days ago. There were a few moments of peaceful reading and many moments of complete chaos. Don't let the photos fool you. I'm surprised we weren't kicked out:

We headed off to a local garden center where there are chickens and trails to run around:

What was happening here was Princess put on this outfit and was stomping through the house bossing everyone around. We just obeyed and got outta her way. She's terrifying in this outfit:

Maybe the NEXT post will be about our new baby.

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