Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Five Senses

Today we had a lesson about our five senses. I have been wanting to do this for some time, but today I prepared this lesson for our homeschool co op so we also did it at home.

Mr. Potato head guided the way. As we went over a particular sense, we gave him the corresponding part. 

I'm not sure what happened to his butt:

First we tested our sense of smell. I filled jars with mint, coconut, vinegar, flowers, and lime juice. We talked about each scent and if it was a good smell or bad smell.

Sniffing the mint. She said it smelled yucky:

Son smelling vinegar:

Princess liked the smell of coconut and also the feel:

She guzzled the lime juice:

Next we worked on our sense of taste. I had sour, sweet, bitter, and salty items to describe and then taste:

Here is Princess tasting the lemon: (sour)

And a tortilla chip: (salty)

She ate a handful of cocoa powder: (bitter)

For touch I made a sensory basket. It included alligator bones, feathers, cellophane, burlap, stones, textured paper and a bunch of other items:

She hated the way this twine felt:

Son enjoyed banging stones together:

We also used our rough and smooth boards:

For the sense of hearing I got out our sound/no sound eggs. We shook each one to decide if it had sound or not. Some were filled with beans, rice, or coins and some were empty:

Son just pulled them all apart:

We also played our instruments. We started out softly and then played louder and louder and louder until Gizmo started howling and we were all screaming:

When we got to sight, we got out our old school view master. I also put 5 objects onto a table and then removed one when Princess had her eyes closed. She had to remember which was moved. I spy and pin the tail on the donkey are great activities to go with this sense too:

 This was the best activity we have done in a while because both kids enjoyed it. Son destroyed a lot of things, but I think he had fun while doing it, so I call it a success!

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