Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Day Out with Dad

The alternate title of this post was "Mommy finally got a nap". 

Boss has been gone a lot for work and I have been exhausted. So when he got the opportunity to be home he offered to take the babies out for the whole day!!!!! 

Before I get to what they did, let me tell you what I did... 


I didn't cook a meal, pick up a toy, wash a dish or fold one piece of laundry.

 No diapers were changed, no counter was wiped, no floor was vacuumed and no bed was made. 



IT....WAS ...GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to another day like this...actually a week. I need a good weeks rest right before I have my baby. But for now, it was just what I needed.

Thanks Boss! That was a wonderful gift!

So where did they go?

Boss took the babies to The Museum of Science in Jacksonville and then to the zoo. After that they went to Costco and they were literally out all day. I missed them so much (between naps, of course).

Here are some pictures from their trip:

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