Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Tommy's Pumpkin Patch this afternoon to pick some pumpkins and play.

 Here are  the babies in the patch:

And Princess on the big slide:

Son and Princess on the cow train:

The boys wrestled in the bounce house:

And tired themselves out:

Princess enjoyed covering herself in corn. She looks mad because her "friend" just left:

The two sisters having fun:

Son on the slide:

Princess found that jumping from the top of the slide was way more fun than sliding down it like everyone else:

Mid-air awesomeness:

And the landing:

The boys on the hayride:

They had a leaf blowing booth too:

There were also farm animals and Son was loving them. Last year he was so scared, but not anymore.

It was hot early, but cooled down a bit toward the end of the day. I swear it wasn't this hot in October last year, but then again I wasn't pregnant, so I can't be certain.

We are planning on painting the pumpkins on Sunday, so I have at least another day and a half to mentally prepare for the mess...I mean fun.

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