Saturday, October 18, 2014

Painting in the Driveway

Princess has been asking to paint for days, but I have been reluctant because:

1. It's a lot of work (see pics below).

2. I feared the consequences (see pics below).

3. It has been unreasonably hot.

So since it was a little cooler today and (I'm talking mid 80s) we went out to paint.

It took Son 22 seconds exactly to look like this:

Princess painted beautifully with her favorite color:

Purple and blue. She is royal for sure:

Examining her work from afar:

And my son continues to look like this:

Princess delicately cleaned herself off with a rag:

And this is how I took care of Son's paint mess:

He STILL didn't come all the way clean:

And here is my other non-painting baby:

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