Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Costco Trip

I have kind of a strange hobby.

It's a little weird I suppose but...

I am one of those people who inspects the carts of the customers in front of me and behind me at the grocery store.


 In my spare time, I watch grocery store haul videos on YouTube.  I just LOVE seeing what people buy. 


I sometimes wish I worked at Publix just so I could look at grocery orders all day.

It sounds worse than it is... I think.

So today I went to Costco and in case anyone has the same strange habit as me I decided to post my haul here.

So here's the good: 

Frozen Oraganic Strawberries 3 lbs
Frozen Organic Blueberries 3 lbs
Organic eggs (6.99 for 2 dozen, which is a great price for organic)
Organic 5 lb bag of carrots (Princess would turn orange if I let her eat these as much as she wanted them)
Organic acai  juice
4 bags of organic bananas which will last about 4 days because I put about 5 bananas a day in my smoothie
3 half gallons of organic milk which will last about 2 days. I usually buy our milk at Publix because it is 5.99 per gallon (which is cheaper than Costco) and it is not ultra pastureized, which is way better for you.
Big bag of organic power greens
A jar of roasted veggies which I will be adding to pasta later this week.

Here is the okay stuff we got:

2 lbs of organic butter
Mamma chia squeeze pouches for Son
Chicken stock
Apple and Eve juice boxes (usually I buy organic juice, but sometimes I get these)
Pure vanilla extract. I forget how much this is, but it is waaaay cheaper at Costco than anywhere else.
2 bags of shredded cheese (I can't find any organic cheese at Costco)
Organic pumpkin flax granola
Chicken burritos (Sis loves these)
Some sort of vitamin drink tubes that I got for Boss. They are natural energy packs or something. I have never bought them before, so I'm not sure about these yet.

Here is the stuff I am embarrassed to have put in my cart (in case someone else was looking I put my bad stuff at the bottom):

Healthy choice frozen meals for Sis (she likes these for a snack)
Pirates Booty popcorn for the babies
Cookies for everyone including the pregnant lady
Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches for Sis (I think these have something like 52 ingredients. I lost count).

So that's it. That's my hobby and my haul. 

I try to buy as many organic things as possible. There is a debate about this. Some say it doesn't make a difference and is a waste if money. I don't believe that for at least the animal products and the fruit. Maybe grains and other processed foods might not make a difference, but I don't know and I'd rather eliminate the risk. Also at Costco organic things are so much cheaper than the grocery store, so it's way more affordable.

I personally think Costco is the best place to shop. 

They guarantee that their prices are only marked up 10 to 14% above wholesale and no higher. Typical stores mark their items 25% higher. 

Plus they have good samples AND you can't beat the $1.50 huge (completely delicious and completely unhealthy) hotdog and drink meal, which keeps my babies happy for most if the trip. 

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