Monday, October 27, 2014

Caramel Apples

I saw a caramel apple kit at Target today and thought it would be a fun and of course, messy activity for fall. 

Son loves apples, so he got started eating before I even had the caramel on them. 

He was really excited about this and couldn't wait to put eyes on the apples:

Princess was all about adding the sprinkles:

We used icing to add smiles and eyebrows:

Son spent 30 minutes decorating with the icing:

While he did that, his sister rapidly ate sprinkles until I told her to stop:

He are the final apple faces:

Son got the first taste:

Meanwhile I found Princess in her room secretly eating the sprinkles:

Son was loving the caramel:

Princess found another way to "legally" eat sprinkles:

And then I spent an hour cleaning up the mess.

The end.

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