Sunday, September 21, 2014

Touring Our Town

It's fun to tour your own city, especially when you live somewhere interesting like St. Augustine. The Old Town Trolley offers free tours for residents during the month of September, so we took advantage and had a great (and free) day of fun. 

On the trolley:

Our first stop was Potter's Wax Museum (Also free). Here are Sister and the Harry Potter people:

Ahhhhhh. Herman Munster????

Boss and Britney. Okay, normally I would NEVER let him get his photo with a girl, but since she was made of wax and kind of looked a little scary, I made an exception:

The future president with George W:

More presidents:

Thomas Jefferson and Co:

We stopped at The Fountain of Youth for lunch. We didn't go inside, but got lucky because a few peacocks joined us for our meal. That made for an hour of fun for the babies:

We also went in to the Florida History Museum. Here is Princess being shy:

We had a chance to go to The Old Jail for free too, but the tour was 30 minutes long and we didn't think the babies would make it:

Here is a 600 year old tree that drinks from the Fountain of Youth, but is in a hotel parking lot. It doesn't look a day older than 125.... I think I need to drink more Fountain of Youth water:

And just for fun, here is Son at the park riding on a dinosaur:

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