Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Making Fossils

I had planned on making fossils with the kids, but wasn't sure what I was going to use to make them. I was at Target today and saw something called Crayola Morphix on clearance for $2.00. It's like a clay/ play dough combo with a grainy sand-like texture. If you leave it out, it hardens like a rock and you can save your creation.

I set up the table with dinosaurs, the clay, and a dinosaur bone figure that can be taken apart. I could have had rocks and leaves too, but I was in a rush because they were both misbehaving.

None of my photos turned out very good from this activity. The sun was in my way. 

Dino feet:

Princess really liked doing this. I will probably get this out again tomorrow or later this week. I am trying to do ANYTHING that is indoors. It's so hot and the Mosquitos are horrible:

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