Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pictures from the Week

I have been trying to put together a dinosaur unit, but I have been a bit unmotivated, a bit exhausted, and a bit irritated that it is SO difficult to find good quality dinosaur figures. Maybe I will have the unit ready by Thursday.

Anyway, here are some pictures from this week.

Princess playing with some great blocks I picked up at a yardsale:

Gearing up for Dino week, she rode the T-Rex at the park:

We got stuck at Tire Kingdom for three hours, so we took our rowdy group back and forth between the tire store and Krystals. Both places have banned us for life, I'm sure:

Today we had a water play date at a friend's house:

Princess has outgrown her trike. She loves loves loves to wear her helmet:

We got the Melissa and Doug mailbox and it has caused a ton of fights. I have to let one play with it while the other is sleeping.

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