Thursday, August 7, 2014

Invitation to Play - Play Doh Birds

I set up a table today with Play Doh.

I rolled the Play Doh into the shape of eggs. Maybe my eggs were pathetic looking, but time is limited...I also set out googley eyes, feathers, sticks, and some bird miniatures (the backyard bird toob set).

They got to work right away. 

Son liked pushing the birds into the Play Doh. He makes bird noises, but the birds kind of sound like tigers:

Princess started making a bird once I showed her an example:

Here was my example after she "fixed" it:

Son was doing his own thing. He doesn't really like Play Doh so much yet, so he was playing with the sticks and trying to eat the googley eyes:

Princess liked adding things to the birds I made, so I made a few more for her to complete:

This is a bird we completed together. I love it:

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