Friday, August 8, 2014

Bird Field Trip

It was soooo hard for me to find a place to take the kids for a field trip having to do with birds. All of the non profits that I found were closed to the public. Why? I would have given them a nice donation!!!! I was starting to think an exotic bird store was our best bet, but even that failed because we aren't "serious buyers". Does our group not look serious?????

Luckily I was reading about the excellent rookery at the Alligator Farm. I didn't remember seeing this area last time we went, but I think my focus was on Alligators... Which by the way, I no longer find exciting ever since seeing one AT THE PLAYGROUND!

As for my second go around, I realized that the birds were the best part of the Alligator Farm by far!!!!

The birds are native and in their natural habitat. They are not enclosed at all, so they come as go as they please. There were so many birds and different types. It was really beautiful:

The kids enjoyed the play area a lot:

And the fossil dig:

There were also other birds that were part of the zoo, but not the rookery:

We stayed about two hours and IT WAS BURNING HOT. Despite the weather, we had so much fun. Here is Princess cooling off:

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