Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bird Seed Wreaths

We wanted to make some great gifts for all the pretty birds in our yard, so we decided to make bird seed wreaths.

They are made of gelatin, bird seed, nuts, and cranberries. Gelatin is NOT my friend, well not since Princess sprayed a full packet of it ALL OVER MY COUCH last week. It was everywhere and STICKY....

Funny  I mentioned mess making because at this very moment there are Lucky Charms and Dog food are ALL OVER MY KITCHEN FLOOR!!!!!! They were spilled simultaneously by two different very tiny people about 10 minutes ago....I had to step away before I had a break down.


Here's our set up:

Wearing the bowl:


Pouring and mess making:

Ok, so they didn't exactly stick together like they were supposed to. This could be because Princess did everything out of order and spilled half of the ingredients. We added peanut butter to help them stick and let them harden overnight in the fridge.

We hung one and put the other two on top of the bird feeder:

And look who showed up to eat it!!!!! Jerk. I can't stand this garbage terrorizing fool!

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