Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Animal Matching

I have been in a slump lately. My Son has been teething and now has a cold and Princess has been really getting the most out of the "terrible twos" before her birthday. So today I decided to take a mental health day.
I didn't make breakfast for anyone. I didn't make my bed or clean ANYTHING before I left the house.
First we went out to Island Mama Java for some play time.
Son insisted on carrying this vaccuum with him everywhere:

Then I went to my favorite Thrift Stores just for fun. The only thing I bought was a set of plastic animals. There were a few in the bag that we didn't have already and I saw a potential activity in my "find".
So we came home and did some animal matching:

Princess is in need of her first haircut:

Matching some bears: 

Uh Oh!!! The horses fell over:

Fixing the horses:

And just because he is is Son when we went to the beach last week:

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