Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hiking with a Trail Blazer

 We decided to take a leisurely walk on a trail today for some fresh air!!! HA!!! Princess ran the ENTIRE time. The ENTIRE time....

She was running up and down hills (who knew there were hills in Florida?) 

She stopped for a second to point out a bunny (that wasn't actually there). 

I put Sister in charge of chasing she is checking to see that her new Chuck Taylor's didn't get dirty:

My poor son barely got to walk because I had to hold him and run the whole time...with a jacked up arm I might add. Check out the fact that he is FINALLY wearing shoes!!!!

Here they are...all racing:

After a good fall...Princess stopped to hug her brother...and then ran again all the way to the car:

I felt bad for Son because he didn't get to stretch his legs much, so I took him to a car show we spotted on the way home. Here he is with my dream car:

And his Daddy's dream car:

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