Saturday, May 17, 2014

Going Bananas

So I am loving being on the 80/10/10 diet. I feel sooooooo good. I can't even explain the amount of energy I have. The best part of this lifestyle is the massive quantity of food you get to consume.

Every day I start with 1 liter of warm water, then a smoothie made with.10 bananas (yes 10), 6 dates, 2 cups of coconut water and also regular water.

For lunch I have about 4 apples and a HUGE salad. Picture the biggest mixing bowl you own and fill it with lettuce and veggies.

I have another 5 bananas for a snack.

For dinner I have been having a huge salad again, but some days I follow the rawtill4 program and have rice or cooked potatoes....and I'm talking a lot of potatoes.

Some days I have a bunch of oranges for lunch..or mangos...or peaches.

This all adds up to 3000 energy packed calories per day. I have NEVER consumed this many calories per day and I am either maintaining or losing weight. It is GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!

Now, please don't think that all I am eating is bananas and lettuce. I use many types of lettuces and many types of veggies in my salad. I also have different fruits on different days depending on what I can get organic and/or cheap.

As for bananas...I never knew you MUST eat them very speckled brown. This is way better for digestion.

Here is two and a half to three days worth of bananas and greens. I got these all these bananas for less than 4.00:

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