Friday, April 11, 2014

Post Master Cleanse with Results

So if you have been reading my Master Cleanse Diary you know that I ended my cleanse one week early. I completed 18 days total and lost 17 pounds.

I am now going on a raw foods diet until further notice.

Boss and I celebrated my cleanse ending with a buffet of food from The Present Moment Cafe...a raw food restaurant.

Our Buffet:
Raw tacos:

Raw Chili:

Sun Burger:

Princess enjoying some salad:

And a smoothie:


Before: This photo was taken a week or so before my cleanse. 

162 pounds

During the cleanse. Day 10 maybe.

After: 145 pounds and no toxins! Sis took this pic and says selfies are cooler on an angle and without your whole face.

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