Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Garden Concert and Storytime

Last week I set up an outdoor reading and music area for the babies to play. Of course I waited until it got hot outside to actually take them out there.
Boss bought me some tree stumps at Home Depot, but we also picked up a bunch during Christmas that I am going to use later.

I also added some instruments, a basket of books and some large pinecones we collected last year:

I bought TONS of these HUGE books a while back from a teacher who was destashing. It was mostly K-2nd grade and I still "find" things that I got from her that I didn't know I had.

The Farm Concert is one of our favorite big books:

Princess playing her instruments:

These two are always wearing hats. I don't know why they love it so much:

 Princess and Gizmo had a good time playing together:

I bought the windchimes from the Dollar Tree. They are kind of terrible wind chimes because they don't exactly chime. The babies had a great time pulling them and hitting them with sticks, so they did the trick for the day, but I have to get some wind chimes that actually CHIME:


Son reading his story:

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