Saturday, April 12, 2014

Future Farmers?

Last night we went to the fair and boy was it hot outside. Here is Son playing in the corn sandbox:

I LOVE pigs. Boss won't let me have one. Why oh why can I not have one of these babies in my yard? Gizmo would be his best friend.

My son hates farm animals with a passion. He's more of a -drive the tractor kinda guy:

The only one who hates farm animals more than Son is Sister. I made her take a pic with animals...
 Hmmm....I don't see any farm animals in this picture. Wait till we get our chickens. She is totally going to be their caretaker.

And when I get my pet PIG it will have babies and they will all come inside my house and cuddle me. Boss says I live in fantasy land sometimes......


Son fell asleep "reading":

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