Monday, March 24, 2014

Sea World

Last week we took a trip to Orlando. We didn't take many photos because my phone was broken.
Surprisingly it was not very crowded and Sister got to ride each roller coaster twice with no wait!
Son loved hanging out by the water. He seemed more interested in playing in dirt than anything else.
Princess loved the penguins and dolphins.
We told her the day before that we were going to do something fun and she keeps asking to do something "fun and special".
See the video of her first roller coaster in the post below.
DISCLAIMER: The Shamu show was shut down when we were there and will continue to be closed until mid-April. I', glad because when we got home from the trip we watched the documentary called Blackfish. I have my own opinions, but it is definitely a film worth checking out.
Son and I spent a lot of time at these fountains. They are found at the kiddie section of the park. What a hunk!!!!
I had to bribe Sister to get this picture:
The weather could not have been more perfect. We were so fortunate. Last time we went to Sea World it was in July and SO HOT (Not to mention I was nearly nine months pregnant and had to ride in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk).
No words for this photo:
A family selfie:
My little guy couldn't ride on many rides, but he still had fun walking around and climbing on things:
Princess and her beloved penguins! It was SOOOO COLD IN THERE:


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