Saturday, April 5, 2014

Master Cleanse Diary Days 1 to 25. Complete

So for the first time in over 3 years I am not pregnant nor breastfeeding a baby.

I kind of feel sad because it was such a special time, but I am taking advantage of the situation by losing some very annoying baby weight (x2).

In August of 2010 I did the master cleanse and lost 30 lbs in 28 days. It was so great to go from wearing my biggest clothes to my smallest clothes in less than a month. I think I went down 3 or 4 sizes. I kept all but 5 lbs off, but got pregnant in December, so I don't know how long the results would have lasted.

Anyway, I am hoping to repeat that weight loss again this time. Some people love to argue that the master cleanse is a detox program and not for weight loss, but I would NEVER subject myself to this torture just to get rid of toxins. I WANT TO FIT INTO MY CLOTHES!

Basically all you do is drink a mixture of lemons, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for 10 days. I am going to do it for a minimum of 14...up to 30. It depends how I feel.

If you are impatient and don't want to read this, click HERE for the results photos!!!!

Day 1
I didn't start feeling hungry until about 5pm. I drank all of the lemonade by that time, so I made more, but I never drank the rest because I had a HORRIBLE headache. I went to bed at 8pm and had a headache all night long. I broke down and took Tylenol. It STILL hurts. I am certain this is from lack of caffeine.

Day 2
Its the middle of my second day and I am feeling pretty good. My headache is mild and I
have barely had any of the lemonade today. I need to at least drink some water or I will get dehydrated. I'm hungry, but it is just an annoying feeling, not terrible or anything. My pants are still tight, so I'm pretty sure I haven't lost 20 pounds yet. Haha.

I'm starting to realize how often I eat when I'm not even hungry. I usually finish the kids plates or sample their snacks just because its there. How lucky are we to live in a country where that type of- not hungry but I just wanna eat- type of eating is possible. I hope after this cleanse I can exercise a lot more restraint in this area. Its kind of embarrassing actually.

P.S. If I could eat anything right now it would be an avocado mixed in with rice. A little salt on that and it is seriously DELICIOUS!

Evening: I'm hungry now and annoyed with myself. I barely drank 24 oz of the lemonade. I don't know why I don't want it. I need to drink at least 24 more oz before bed. I'm not craving any junk food. A piece of fruit would be so good right now. The kids had moho pulled pork for dinner. I felt sorry for myself...but I have to keep my eye on the prize. I took all of my "fat clothes" out of my drawers today and buried them in my closet...NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN (Unless I have another baby). I will be wearing yoga pants until further notice!

Day 3

Day 3 is supposed to be the worst as far as cravings are concerned. I'm feeling okay other than a slight headache. Last time I did the MC, I taught myself to cook. I really had no clue how to cook anything that didn't need to be microwaved. This is because I am seriously impatient. I started to get into cooking around this time last cleanse. All I could do was think about food and since I couldn't eat it, I figured I should learn how to prepare it. I had nothing but time on my hands in those days. No babies, just Sis...and she was in school. The Boss was in Iraq, so every day I would ask him what I should cook and then I would learn how to make the recipe from scratch. Sister was eating gourmet meals back then because I was into making some complicated stuff.

I am already starting to "read" cookbooks this time. I am studying gluten free recipes and raw vegan foods right now. I'm going to try out some new recipes while doing the cleanse. If I can't get food of my mind, at least I should bless my family with some good dishes.

Side Note: I made some cookies for the family today. I always thought that the number of servings on a recipe was only accurate if you made small cookies. If a recipe yields 24, usually I end up with 19. Surely I thought this was because I love my family and wanted to make them large cookies. It turns out I was eating several servings before they were actually baked. So today the recipe yielded the 16 cookies I was promised. 

Hmmm.... I always thought that what gets eaten before it's cooked didn't count. Who knew?

Day 4
I've gone back and forth today between completely starving and not hungry at all. I made taco bowls last night for everyone and it didn't bother me, but when I warmed it up for was tough. I mean the cheese and the rice and the meat. The smell...Ahhhhhhhhh!

I got curious and weighed myself today and I'm down 5 pounds. 20 or so to go. I can't believe that I let this happen. I can't use the babies an excuse. Son is 1 year old. I had a whole year to lose pregnancy weight and didn't make the effort. I could say that I was tired or busy and both would be true, but still excuses. I probably could have lost 20 more pounds by just changing my diet and not even exercising. That would have taken no time and no effort. I just wasn't ready I guess.

I may sound miserable, but I am actually very happy...just hungry. I'm excited to keep going and to keep my mind busy by doing fun things with the family.

I'm making a delicious soup for the rest of the family for dinner tonight. I will post the recipe later.

Day 5


Down 6 lbs so far. It's not a motivator yet. Maybe when I'm down 12 or 15 I will feel like I am making progress. In other news my "fat" jeans are a little baggy.

If I could eat anything right now it would be IKEA meatballs. Sooooooo strange!!!!

I made barbeque chicken thighs for dinner. 

Sister rated the dinner 10 out of 10.

Day 6
The misery. I thought you are supposed to get less hungry as the days pass. Its worse!!!! I'm down another pound. A long road ahead. Ugh.

Day 7

1 week down. Down almost 2 pounds today also. I was feeling really great this morning, but right now I have stomach cramps and feel sick. My fat pants are getting a bit baggy so I tried on my regular not fat, but not skinny pants. Still a little snug, but at least I can button them. I'm at about 9 pounds down so far. So far to go. Not really craving food today, which is surprising. I made Cajun catfish and wild rice for The Boss for lunch. Maybe that's why...not my favorite meal. Tonight we are having steak. Pity party for me...

Day 8
Ahhh....its finally happened. I am no longer hungry. It is a great feeling because I was skeptical that this moment would never come and I would be starving the entire time. 

I'm so happy now. I feel really really good. Down 10 pounds so far and the end is in sight because last night I set the "end date". April 18th will be my last day. I will have dinner that night....on a date with the Boss. Last time we went on a date was May 2011....nearly 3 years ago. 

So...15 days and 15 (or so) pounds to go! Yay!

Day 11

Still going strong. I'm down 11 so far. I had a few days of no loss, but it's okay. I am having a really bad pain in my kidney area. I looked it up and it could be a million things, so I am taking hot baths at night to ease the pain.

I survived Chick fil A today And Moe's Southwestern Grill. I made pork chops for the family this evening and gluten free banana bread, which scored 10 out of 10! Moe's was tough because it looked so good. Tomorrow starts my downhill's day 12 and only 11 more days to go. Hopefully I start losing some pounds quick or I will be stuck on this cleanse forever!

Day 12

Down two pounds today. Woooooohooooooo! I WANT FOOD, but the end is near. Well, sort of. I'm watching Best Food Ever on Netflix. I am torturing myself. Why?

Day 14

I am now down 15 total pounds. I am happy, but still feel like there is so much to go. 10 more wake ups and I am hoping for at least 10 more pounds. I feel so much happier and lighter. My skinny clothes STILL do not fit. But that is okay, I am getting there. I swear I have studied ever diet there is. I have read every cookbook I have. I have pinned so many heathy recipes on Pinterest. I have downloaded food apps. I should be a nutritionist by the end of the week. I am coming closer to developing an eating plan for when this is all over.

I am sorry to my family, but everything in a box or can is getting tossed. I will let them finish up the gluten free packaged stuff we have in the pantry, but we need to go fresh. It will be a lot of work on my part, but I don't care. The more I read, the more convinced I am that the cure and prevention of every in food.

In the beginning of the cleanse I said I don't care about toxins and seriously it was a HUGE second to losing weight, but the fact is that our food (even stuff we don't suspect) is toxic and I don't want to be responsible for doing that to my kids. I feel like I feed them fairly healthy meals, but I KNOW that I can do much better.

I am now trying to work on the other and secondary aspects of the cleanse. The skin is an organ and we absorb everything we put on it. Makeup, lotion, shampoo, body wash....chemicals!!!! I used to buy a certain soap that was all natural that I loved, but the wording on the packaging freaked me I gave it up. I have to find a replacement. Shampoo is the toughest for me. Finding a natural source that doesn't make my hair feel yucky is hard!!! I have not worn deodorant in a week and I don't need it. Apparently "body odor" comes from the food you eat. Since I am not eating, I don't have to use it. When I start eating again, I will make my own out of natural products. I will post the recipe. Last but not least, make up. I am on my third day with no make-up and its just about killing me. I am trying to let my skin breath, but to be honest, every time I walk past a mirror I feel disgusting. This is something I am willing to wear less of, but no way can I give it up. I am sorry, but I am not one of those people who look great makeup or not.

Day 15

Down another pound. Its so awesome to lose a pound a day and not have set foot in a gym. It would've taken me 6 months to lose this weight if it weren't for the cleanse. Probably longer because my motivation would have been well...nonexistent. 

Its so strange because I feel like I only have about 9 pounds to go, but I feel like I see more than 9 pounds of imperfections. That's okay, though. I am grateful for the strength to do this and the learning that I have received so far. However it ends, I am happy. 

I woke up this morning dreaming of a caramel frap from Starbucks. Since that is not an option for me anymore I found a recipe for raw coffee. Friday, April 18th.....I am making it for sure! I'm soooo excited.

My skin was supposed to be radiant on this cleanse. It is so not. Perhaps I should have been using organic lemons as directed. In my defense, Whole Foods is 30 minutes away and taking the babies there is always a disaster. Last visit...Princess dumped a full smoothie IN MY CART THAT WAS FULL OF GROCERIES.....

Oh it was bad!!!!!

Day 16

So yesterday I licked the salt off of 4 tortilla chips. There I confessed. After I did it I asked Sister what she imagined food in heaven to taste like? She said she didn't know, but I on the other hand, I imagined heaven tasting like the salt on a tortilla chip....and WOW! Heaven rocks.

I was worried that I would not have any weight loss today as a result. Have I gone nuts?

I lost .8 of a pound.

So while I'm's the deal:


I started this cleanse weighing 162.2 pounds. 

Oh the shame.... Now its kind of funny that I am ashamed of THAT because the last I allowed my midwife to say my weight out loud during my pregnancy, I was 212 pounds. 

212. Let that sink in.

I have no idea what my final weight was before giving birth. 

Its a little amusing because as soon as I see that plus sign on a pregnancy test... I get hungry...and don't stop getting hungry for 2 years. 

Anyway, as I was saying. I started at 162.2. The government considered me average. I don't really trust the government, so I am not convinced of their assessment.

 Today I weighed in at 145.8. I am STILL not proud of this, but I at least am not embarrassed... which is why I chose today to share my starting weight. 145 is my cutoff.

My minimum goal is 139...with 135 being ideal. At 132 the government considers me underweight, but again, they have other motives. I don't know what or why, but they do.

So there it is. A bit closer to 20 pounds down and no longer ashamed of my weight. This is the lowest I weighed since before I got pregnant with Princess in December 2010. I'm so glad to be back in the game.

Day 18

I decided to end my cleanse week early. I started feeling run down with no energy. I knew it was time. I'm sorry that it ended like this, but I'm very pleased with my final results. I'm still at 145.8 and that's a good starting point for the next stage of my diet. I still have a goal of 135 and feel like I am well on my way. I'm a lot lighter and feel like a new person. So I say it was a great success.

Day 19 or Day 1 Round 2

I was going to start this morning, BUT overlooked the fact that I had no supplies!!!! Hello! So tomorrow I begin....Also I am NOT going to spend the next 10 or so days obsessed with food or discussing my hunger. I realized that was incredibly selfish of me. I decided that I am going to spend my days praying when I'm hungry and thanking God for the opportunity to take charge of my health. So the focus this round is on spiritual health and exercise. I purchased the T25 exercise program and surely I will have thoughts on that.

P.S. I had no clue how to spell exercise. I had to look it up twice!

Day 1 or 19 again

Today was fairly easy. But I have decided that this time around I am drinking decaf. Its wrong on many levels but I really really want to meet my goal and I admit I'm weak and want an extra thing to add to my day besides lemon and syrup. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone , especially anyone beginning with actual day 1. 

I'm trying to keep my mind off food. I'm trying to think about the Proverbs 31 woman. What would she eat, what would she wear, do, and look like. That's my be more like her.

I weighed in at 148. Up 2.2. I expected that. I am not weighing myself until Day 10. I will see where I am then and if I need to continue.

Day 20

Easy easy day again. The coffee is helping for sure!!!!! I am also doing great at not thinking about food or my weight. I am, though, not doing so great when it comes to praying or doing my T25. I actually like T25, but its the waking up at 530 part that I hate. Its the ONLY time of day I can do it. The ONLY time. I have been taking the babies out on the bike every day, so I am getting SOME exercise.

I'm supposed to be reading my Bible instead of cookbooks this round, but I'm not reading either. I have been playing solitaire and Family Fued on my Kindle instead. I know its a waste of time. Tomorrow I will do better. 

Day 22

I weighed myself this morning even though I said I wouldn't. 144.4. Yay! Under 145 Finally! 

Now I really need to wait till day 10 (actually Day 28) to weigh again.

I have been reading this book called "What Would Jesus Eat?"

I agree with some parts and disagree with others. The author says Jesus ate meat, but only on special occasions. I agree with this. He also says not to eat pork or shellfish and I agree with that too. 

I disagree with the author suggesting that some dairy is fine. I don't think so. I will go into why another day. 

He also talks about eating bread. I know Jesus ate bread, but the bread we have today, the way wheat is processed and the way flour is made makes our bread completely different and therefore I don't think its okay to eat.

The book has some good recipes and I am going to continue reading.

6 Days to go.

Day 24

I'm losing track of the days. I promised the family I would celebrate Easter with a meal with them. We had barbeque from our favorite place and IT WAS SO GREAT.  Now, considering that during my 4 day break from the cleanse I stuck to a raw diet and that I have been doing the cleanse for so long....I GOT SICK! My stomach was killing me afterwards. We had a great time and the food was so yummy, but feeling like that...ugh. I can't wait to go back to eating a raw diet. I just enjoy eating. I will have barbeque from time to time, but I'm happy with how I feel on raw foods, so I don't want to mess it up. 

I'm still failing at my T25. No good excuse. Just lazy. 

I'm tired of this cleanse...again. Just a few more days.

 I also failed at not reading about food. Dr. Oz's new magazine taunted me at the store and I STUDIED the recipes inside. It is a good magazine. There are NO magazines that I read anymore, so maybe this is one that I can subscribe to. I quit reading most magazines a few years ago because they are mostly garbage. I realized its very important to limit what you read, watch, and listen to because most of it is against God. This is hard to do sometimes. One of our favorite TV shows (The Big Bang Theory) falls into this category. Sometimes we just watch the show until it has something inappropriate on and then we turn the channel, but really we shouldn't be watching it at all. We are still a work in progress around here.

Speaking of TV, we don't have cable. We get a few free local channels and I love love love it. First of all we save over $100 a month on cable and second, we watch things we normally would have passed over. We used to be glued to Fox news, but now we watch the local news and enjoy it. We also watch PBS shows sometimes too. We have Netflix, so mostly I watch documentaries when I have free time.

Day 25

So my cleanse took an unexpected turn. I was feeling great...smooth sailing and waiting until Friday. But I started to get dizzy and every time I would stand I felt like In was spinning. I started to feel like I was going to pass out so I stopped the cleanse. I got very nauseated and tired and took a nap (after Sister came home from school to help with the babies). I was so light headed and just very very TIRED! 


I think I should have stopped at Day 17/18 while I was ahead. I lost a few more pounds, but I don't know... I'm not feeling so good.

I am back on my raw diet and happy. I don't know my final weight, but 142 is about right. I'm too exhausted to worry about that now. Maybe the barbeque messed me up, maybe my iron is low, maybe I am just mentally tired from the cleanse. Whatever it is, I can't wait to get back to normal. I am wiped out! 

I don't even feel sad that I ended a few days early again. I'm too exhausted. 

I am happy to go back to food and this morning I ate a breakfast of 6 bananas. It was GREAT!  I'm going to be on 1800 calories a day. 600 for each meal. 80% of the calories will be fruit, 10% veggies, 10% nuts, seeds and oils.

Hopefully now I will start my T25 and not make up excuses as to why I don't have 25 minutes a day to workout. 

Goodbye Master Cleanse...



Make sure you are aware of the potential to damage the enamel of your teeth! Brush them lightly although you are not eating. If your gums are bleeding, I would stop the cleanse. I think I really did some damage to my teeth on this cleanse. I am oil pulling with coconut oil daily to help the damage, BUT please please be aware of what lemons can do to your teeth!!!!!!

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