Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter J Sensory Bin

I filled a bin with jelly....these babies have never tasted jelly because we don't eat bread, but I thought it would be a fun base for the sensory bin.

It is hard to find letter "J" objects and I couldn't bare to plunk Jesus down in a pile of jelly, so a few jets, some alphabet puzzle J letters and some jaguars were about all I could come up with. A laminated Justin Bieber worked his way in there too.

Its not a coincidence that the boss was away when we decided to do this activity: 

Enjoying the juice. When we were playing with the items, we practiced J sounds.

Princess wasn't as much of a fan of the stickiness that I thought she would be:

My son was, though:

She LOVED scooping the jelly into jars:

Like seriously loved it:

 Ah...the Biebs in his younger and better behaved days:

Princess started to enjoy touching the jelly in the end.

I scooped up both babies and washed them in the sink. Jelly is one of those substances that isn't really gone after one washing. 

The babies are still a bit sticky even after (as my grandmother used to say) "a good scrubbin":

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