Thursday, March 27, 2014

Color Sorting in a Huge Way

We got this HUGE parachute at a yard sale for $3.00!

It takes a few people to operate it, but the babies love it so much that when its just me home, I let them crawl around on it for fun.

Today we took the balls from our crib ball pit and sorted them by color on the parachute. It was lots of fun and Gizmo even got in on the action. He lives to eat these things...(jerk)!

Before we started:

Princess had a blast doing this:

Here she is keeping them away from Gizmo:

Son got in on the action....and I am sorry our parachute has a rip. I really need to learn to sew:

What could doing? ( Hint: He's waiting for someone to look away):

Like I said....

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