Friday, January 24, 2014

Puzzlemania and Other Stuff

Princess got some new puzzles for Christmas.
I am pretty surprised that she can do a 16 piece puzzle completely by herself.  I showed her how to put the corners in first, but as soon as she understood that, she was in business. Now she does it by herself from start to finish:
Putting in the last piece:
Yesterday we went to a toy/clothing swap. We picked up these color recognition cards. She loves them. She knows all of her colors, but she really likes to talk about the pictures. The green card has a lizard. A few days ago we caught a lizard...then he escaped. She really wants that lizard back:
We also got another fun activity for Christmas. Lakeshore Learning Sing and Play:
It has a bunch of different props and we use them when we sing different nursery rhymes. Gizmo apparently loves "Mary had a Little Lamb":
Son loves this particular activity. He always tries to take the box out of the closet: 
Here is Princess playing with her Zen garden. This girl is so crazy about rocks:
She puts the rocks in the funnel and them takes them out and lines them up. I gave her the funnel for the sand, but she is not interested in the sand....just the rocks:

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