Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kid Friendly Coffee Shop

Our family rarely braves restaurants anymore and I wouldn't dare go to one with the babies by myself.
Princess wants to run and not eat. Son wants to follow her and not eat.
Sister gets embarrassed when they both start crying. Its a bit stressful!!!!!!!
So I finally found a place to take the kids:
They have toys everywhere, an indoor playground, a sand table on their patio and safety plugs in their outlets. This is mommy heaven!
Isn't it a beautiful place?
(Photos from Island Mama Java Facebook)
The owner is soooo sweet. She was friendly with all the customers and was constantly running around putting toys back where they belong. She really wants everyone to have a good experience.

My little guy had a GREAT time crawling around everywhere!!! I'm sorry that he has a big scratch on his face from his sister:
Princess LOVED sitting at her own table and being able to get up and play as much as she wanted:
I wish this was in my house:
I told my MOM club about this place and we are going to have a playdate there next month.
I'm so glad we have another fun place to go besides Chick-Fil-A.

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