Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Sister!!!!!!

My baby turned 13 today.
She is such a good girl and I'm so proud of her. She gets good grades and is well behaved and helps with her brother and sister. Im so lucky to have such an amazing daughter.
Favorites as of today:
Singer: Bieber
Color: Purple
Book: The Fault in Our Stars
Possession: Justin Bieber Guitar Pick
Movie: This is Us: One Direction
Actress: Ariana Grande
Actor: Channing Tatum
Website: Wanelo.com
She chose not to have a party this year so we went on a shopping spree this past weekend.
But just to make her feel special today I hung a big "13" in balloons on her door:

I also put special messages on hearts and attached them to 13 helium balloons.

Then I spread the balloons around her room:
Here she is with her balloons:
And since it is her birthday, I guess I should post a picture of her and her beloved Bieber. Twins?


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