Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Act of Kindness Letter I

Everyone is sick here AGAIN!!!! I don't know how its possible, but both babies are coughing and have a fever.
ANYWAY...onto the good news...
We had planned to do an act of kindness for "I" this week, which was to INVITE someone for ICE CREAM, but then we heard about a 5 year old boy who was getting his tonsils out and was very scared.
TONSILS OUT and ICE CREAM go hand in hand, so our plans changed.
I made this card for the little boy:

I really love drawing and ESPECIALLY love making cards, so this was bonus fun for me. 

Here is the inside:
Then we went to Tropical Smoothie to buy a gift card for the boy so he could enjoy a good cold shake after his surgery. 

We slipped the gift card into the little ice cream cone pocket and hand delivered it.
Here is Princess with her shake (Kindness gets rewarded sometimes):

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