Wednesday, December 4, 2013

25 Days of Christmas-Day 3 (Make Christmas Cookies)

I got a *loving* scolding last week by someone whose name I will not mention, but it sounds like grandmother.

Anyway, she said I CAN NOT deprive my children of cookies!!!!!
I didn't realize that I have deprived them of cookies, but just to prove that I am not the cookie grinch, I bought this at Target:
And some of this. (Yes, I am ashamed of myself for not trying to figure out how to make homemade gluten free cookies):

I did make my own icing though, and you can click HERE for THE BEST ICING ON THE PLANET!!!!
Here is Son decorating his cookie:
 Here is Sister with her finished masterpiece:
 Here is mine:
 Here is Princess who did NOT want to decorate a cookie OR let me comb her hair, but she DID want to eat one:
And now a word from Gizmo....
Bathicwy Hi! It's me Gizmo. Hew is a picturw of me for yowr wefwence (Miswletow...Ahem Ahem):
I am hewr to weport a cwime. Wast night was verwy chiwwy hewr in Fworida and when I went to get into my wawrm bed I found a wittle Pwincess. I had to sweep on the cowde weather couch. I am fwourious. I snapped a picturw for evidence:

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