Monday, December 16, 2013

25 Days of Christmas-Day 12 (Go to a Place Where Trees are Decorated By Other People)

 It seems like every city we have lived in has a tree festival of some sort. This year we found the Parade of Trees in Green Cove Springs. There were more than 100 trees and each was decorated by a different business or family. Princess loved looking at the different decorations and ever since yesterday, she is into gingerbread stuff, so the gingerbread theme may have been her favorite.

In other news: We did take Gizmo and I will NEVER EVER EVER take him to a park again. Between barking at people, knocking the kids over, spilling stuff in my car, and pushing the shifter into neutral...he is OFFICIALLY done riding in the car with me!!!!

Deep breath...

Here are some of the trees:

My two cuties getting along:

This was another favorite tree of ours:
It was finally COLD here. If there is a winter here, I think this is it:

The trees were located in a beautiful park. I think I'm being yelled at here:

We spent 30 minutes chasing this egret. Princess loves birds. She thought it was a duck, but thats okay:

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