Friday, November 1, 2013

Tell Me a Story

Here's a true story of October 31st 2013:
I stay up until midnight after spending an hour trying to open a coconut that Boss found in South Florida while heroically catching lobsters for the family. Despite reading several websites explaining how to do it, I fail.
 I give up and go to bed.
 At 1 am Princess starts crying and won't go back to sleep. I decide to change her, so while I am in her room getting a diaper, she pees in my bed.
We move to the couch. After an hour, she finally starts quieting down and then....
Gizmo starts crying and growling because he can't find his toy! I get up and find the toy, but now both babies are up. 
30 minutes later, Son is asleep and Princess is almost asleep and...
GIZMO is crying again!!!!! He wants to go out at 2:45 am. Ugh no! I put him back on the couch and he gets up and runs to my bedroom and is in there crying AGAIN!
Both babies up now. 
Finally at 4am we all fall asleep.
Up at 6am and here's the fun part:
I  go to take a shower. Princess is playing with toys in the bathroom. She then dumps an entire mega size bottle of baby wash on the carpet. I wash her off and go to her room to get her new clothes. She runs to the kitchen for a second and comes back to get dressed. We go in my room to clean up the rug and I get ready for the day.
20 minutes later:
I come out to the kitchen to find that she turned the water on when she ran in there earlier. My compost bowl was in the sink...causing it to... FLOOD MY ENTIRE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Water was everywhere 1 inch deep.
I cry for 15 minutes.
As I am carrying every towel in the house to the laundry...I see another puddle. I suppose Gizmo was mad at me from the previous night because he peed right on the floor!!! He never does that anymore. No shame in his game apparently.
My laundry room looked like a hotel washroom. My bedding, about 15 towels, the bath rugs...oh and all this happened the day after I finished washing a bunch of towels, blankets, and bedding from our house guests last weekend. was crazy! 
Speaking of stories...
Every Thursday we go to the library for story time. Sometimes we get there late and just look at books. Then we go to the playground. 
Here was us at the library on Thursday:
 Our family is on a new diet, so I am reading a lot about Raw food uncooking. We are also going Gluten free. The new diet has taken a lot of planning and I am learning how to cook in new ways. We are mostly eating fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and organic meats and fish. No processed food or grains. Its an adjustment, but worth it.

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