Monday, November 18, 2013

Dinosaur Day

Today we had Dinosaur Day at our house!!!!
No reason for it really. I got a dinosaur book at a yardsale this past weekend, so I figured it would be fun. I also picked up this fun sand table for $3.00....
One person in this photo may or may not have eaten sand????
We got lucky and found some dinosaur eggs:
But they were guarded by a BIG SCARY T-REX!!!
Princess approached carefully:
There is a cool recipe online for dinosaur eggs using dirt and sand, but I just used Play-Doh:
Princess found some cute baby dinos inside:
Son wore his cute dinosaur shirt:
And ate a brontosaurus:
Everyone around here is sick, so it was nice to see smiles:
Luckily my Princess found a big stick to beat the nasty T-Rex with:
We also did dinosaur puzzles and read our dinosaur book:

And did a sticker project:
 And just in case you need a joke to tell a dinosaur loving kid:
What do you call a One-Eyed Dinosaur?
You call him a DO-YOU-THINK-HE-SAW-US....


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