Friday, November 15, 2013

Act of Kindness Letter F (Belated)

This act of kindness took us a few weeks because I was waiting on a check from a survey I did over the phone. Usually our acts of kindess budget is $10.00 or less. Since this was a bit more, I used half of the $60.00 check I got in the mail for this act and half for letter H.
We went to Publix and bought 68 boxes of pasta. They were on sale BOGO and I also used a $5.00 off  coupon for a total of just under $30.00.
Here are the babies before we left the house:
Hmmm....there is one thing ruining a perfect photo of Son.... and his name is GIZMO:
 We intended to go to the Second Harvest Food Bank, but we got lost and it worked out even better. We ended up going to the St. Johns Ecumenical Ministries Food Pantry:
Princess REALLY wanted to go to the playground next door, but it was gated and part of a school. She was so sad:

I found a $10.00 bill in the parking lot and thought about keeping it. A reward for a good deed, perhaps? Luckily I realized that I was being selfish.... Definitely not what this was about, so I ended up wrapping it around a box of spaghetti.
Here is Princess during the drop-off:

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